Partners in success

At edison47 we pride ourselves on our keen ability to drive performance while maintaining a strong relationship with not only our property owners, but the residents of those assets as well. Calm, cool and connected our approach to every asset is as unique as the asset itself.  With a portfolio comprised of stabilized, rehab, lease-up and projects in development  we are in the unique position of having experience across a broad range of asset classifications.  The core of edison47's success is derived in part by the experience of our employees; a snapshot of that experience is shown below.  

Property Management, Lease-up, Re-positioning and Rehab

The Sinclair- 126 Apartments                                          Lease-up  2014 (Rush Development)                                                                    Erlands Point- 148 Apartments                                       Re-positioning 2010 (Rush Properties)                          

The Pacifica- 177 Apartments                                          Lease-up 2012 (Rush Development) 

The Sidney- 105 Apartments                                           Lease-up  2013 (Rush Development)

Bristol at Southport- 389 Apartments                          Lease-up       2011 (Abode Management) 

TreeTops- 270 Apartments                                              Re-positioning 2010 (Rush Properties)

 Vue25- 163 Apartments                                                 Lease-up      2013 (Calibrate)

Cascade Ridge- 550 Apartments                                    Rehab       2012 (F.P.I.)

Burnett Station- 63 Apartments                                   Re-positioning 2002 (ConAm Management) 

Metropolitan Place- 90 Apartments                                               2002 (ConAm Managment)

Jefferson at Mill Creek- 400 Apartments                     Lease-up   2001 (J.P.I.)                               

TreeTops-270 Apartments                                            Re-positioning and Management                                                                                        2012-2015 (Rush Properties)