Respond Don't React                                                                                                                                                          

It isn't enough to simply talk the talk. By combining 40 years of collective industry experience, edison47 has demonstrated an ability to walk the walk. Call it confidence or self-assured but edison47 prides itself on delivering service to clients that is unapologetic and authentic.  The unique approach and expertise offered by edison47 has ensured the success of projects including rehab and stabilized properties, lease-up and asset re-positioning delivered on both a regional and national level.

Asset Development, Lease-up and REPOSITIONING 

Setting the tone for success                                                                                                                                      

The team at Edison47 has a strong and varied background; a large portion of that background comes from asset development, lease-up and repositioning. The decision to build or purchase an asset is one that we take very seriously. Market conditions, prospective resident demographic information, amenity design are just a handful of factors that impact a projects success. Having a background that spans decades, not just years affords the team at Edison47 the unique perspective gleaned from navigating the market during tumultuous times as well as prosperous.  



Be the Authority                                                                                                                                                         

Building any team is tough. Bringing a group of individuals together, united by the same drive is a challenge, one that edison47 prides itself in. Starting with the premise that perspective is everything, edison47 attracts top talent from outside the multi-family industry leading to a powerful advantage. True authorities in their respective fields, engaged in daily operations and dedicated to a customer first philosophy, clients rest easy knowing these professionals settle for nothing but the best from themselves and each other. 

Knowing the market inside and out is critical. Having the right tools is a given. That’s why edison47 has partnered with industry-leading tech companies such as Yardi, On-Site and LRO to leverage unmatched expertise in front-end marketing and back-end quantifiable data allowing for an analysis of the resident and guest experience that is unmatched. Software evaluations, conversion implementations and system integration are also key in establishing a tailored management experience.


Build a Connection-Staying Engaged                                                                                                                           

We are living in the age of customer connectivity. Do you Tweet? Post? Pin? Or Blog? What’s the deal with Instagram? A picture is still worth a thousand words but a Tweet or strategically posted Instagram image can be worth tens of thousands. In a world that doesn’t rest, the social media sphere is critical for building a relationship with guests long before they decide to schedule a tour. Blowing up balloons and taking out a boilerplate ad in the Yellow Pages won’t cut it. Web portals, SEO, adword marketing and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be tricky to keep up with but necessary for long term success. Coupling marketing savvy with business intelligence resources, edison47 can help ensure guests are connecting with your brand and staying engaged.


Work Smarter. Not Harder.                                                                                                                                      

Maintaining any asset takes money. It also takes business savvy to do so effectively. By providing strategic direction from the onset, edison47 constantly works to mitigate future financial risk to the property owner by taking corrective action to protect the asset from day one. This means lowering costs where ever possible. Budgets, organizational planning and thorough training mean the property receives on-going attention. Cost effective measures are continuous and do not only happen during a scheduled “budget season”. Waiting until disaster strikes is not an option. The facilities management team works year-round to ensure the success of the physical asset. 

Business intelligence tools provide the analytics to detect common issues, review the quality and performance of both products and staff allowing the management team to take corrective action in a timely manner without negatively impacting the bottom line. The team at edison47 represents a dynamic cross-section of industry professionals and talented outsiders. The ability to approach each challenge and opportunity from our unique perspectives provides edison47 a flexibility and agility unseen in other property management firms. As property owners ourselves we view every assignment as if it were owned by edison47.


Training. It separates success, from failure                                                                                                                                     

Training at edison47 is varied and extensive in order to maintain the highest standard of experience and customer service. We believe in training for bench strength and encourage our team to constantly be working toward the next level. Initial training for all new team members includes basic fair housing and a new hire orientation seminar. All office staff also participate in a (4) day leasing training class as part of their initial welcome to edison47. Throughout the year, edison47 offers a range of optional and mandatory courses to assist our team in their development as property management specialist, including (but not limited to):

-              An annual (4) day Asset Management Course

-              An annual (4) day Portfolio Management Course

-              An annual (1) day Budget Clinic

-              Semi-Annual Psychology of Sales Seminars

-              Quarterly Leasing Reviews

-              Monthly Manager & Maintenance Supervisor Meetings